††† (crosses) – ††† 3CD & EP (2014)

Chino Moreno has been a busy man the past few years, and his latest endeavor ††† (pronounced Crosses, duh!), accompanied by ex-Far guitarist Shaun Lopez and Chuck Doom, is all geared up to release… well, something in a month.

Crosses have teased their upcoming third release a few weeks back, and now we know that it’ll be released on November 12 via Sumerian Records. Initially everyone was saying that the release would be an EP, as were the band’s first two, but the above picture provided by a commenter on ThePRP.com says otherwise. So maybe we’ll be getting the first full-length by Crosses? There are also vinyl pre-orders available on Amazon, though there’s no context or artwork provided… so it’s all a big mystery right now.

Download (pan.baidu)

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