Applescal – From A to Sea (2013)

Artwork: Alex Coll
Releasedate: 09 December 2013
Catalogue Nr: ATM015
mp3 320kbps 81MB

Applescal‘s new album, From A to Sea, is a faint echo of his last album, Dreaming in Key, divorcing itself almost entirely from his former surrealistic approach to steadybeat. The sense of poignance still lies beneath the surface of Pascal Terstappen’s music, but the recent tendency to inchoateness and underwhelming grooves in the IDM movement has clearly seized his creativity. There’s an aimless, faltering cadence to his music in his new expression and an increased disinclination for what might appear to be immediately captivating and harmonious.

1. The Winning Theme
2. Stars
3. Your English Song
4. Flush or Die
5. Screams
6. A New Fellowship
7. Nail Song
8. Hello You
9. Thunderstorms

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