Archie Bronson Outfit – Wild Crush (2014)

Label: Domino Recording
Genre: Indie Rock, Psychedelic Rock
mp3 320kbps 72.6mb 32:14Min

Bred in Wiltshire, it took relocation to southwest London for the dirty psychedelic blues-rock of singer/guitarist Sam Windett, bassist Dorian Hobday, and drummer Mark Cleveland — aka Archie Bronson Outfit — to be discovered. Moving to attend art school (studying, incidentally, alongside future members of the Duke Spirit and the Beatings), the rock trio was randomly discovered one night by the president of Domino Records at his favorite local pub, The Cat’s Back. The band was signed to the label by August 2003, and its well-received debut, Fur, was issued the following summer. Gigging continued in support of the record, including a handful of U.K. support dates for the Black Keys in fall 2004. The guys followed up in March 2006 with their sophomore effort, Derdang Derdang, produced by Jacquire King (Tom Waits, Kings of Leon) and recorded in Nashville, TN. The album was issued in the United States that July, as Archie Bronson Outfit were nominated back home for Best New Act on the 2006 MOJO Honours List. The band went on hiatus In 2007, with Cleveland and Windett taking some time off to form their psychedelic side project The Pyramids. Nearly four years after Derdang Derdang, Archie Bronson Outfit returned with their highly anticipated third album Coconut in March of 2010.

1. Two Doves On A Lake
2. In White Relief
3. We Are Floating
4. Love To Pin You Down
5. Lori From The Outer Reaches
6. Cluster Up and Hover
7. Glory, Sweat, and Flow
8. Hunch Your Body, Love Somebody
9. Country Miles

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