Archive – Restriction (2015)

Artist: Archive
Title: Restriction
Label: Danger Visit
Genre: Alternative, Electronic, Trip-Hop
Quality: WEBRip V0 VBR MP3
Str Date: 2015-01-12

Release Notes:

  South London collective Archive announce details of their new album ‘Restriction’ and mammoth ‘Restriction 2015’ European tour. The new album follows hot on the heels of the collective’s ‘Axiom’ film project released to critical acclaim earlier this year – ‘Axiom’ was selected for the Sundance Film festival in April 2014 and was performed live at a sell-out London Roundhouse show and the Montreux Jazz Festival.
  New album ‘Restriction’ was produced by longtime collaborator Jerome Devoise and Archive, and will be released worldwide on the band’s own Dangervisit label via [PIAS] on 12th January 2015. Speaking about the new album Archive co-founder Darius Keeler says: “We set out to make an album with 12 individual and distinct songs, all coming from a similar place but at the same time musically diverse and unique. One of the things I love about Archive is the way we’ve been able to change and evolve with each record and take our fans on a journey. ‘Restriction’ is the next leg of the journey and I can’t wait to share it with the people who matter most.”First tasters from the ‘Restriction’ album come in the form of three singles, ‘Black And Blue’, ‘Kid Corner’ and ‘Feel It’, with all three released simultaneously today. Talking about the reasoning behind releasing three single simultaneously Keeler says: “Our aim was to make an album where each track was as strong as the one before it, and having done that we didn’t want to put the focus on to just one “single”. Ideally we’d release every track off the album individually, putting out three singles at once will give people a better picture of the full scope of the album. It’s also a very un-Archive thing to do, which was obviously half the appeal!”

Track List:

1. Feel It (3:16)
2. Restriction (4:00)
3. Kid Corner (3:39)
4. End of Our Days (4:52)
5. Third Quarter Storm (5:26)
6. Half Built Houses (3:31)
7. Riding in Squares (6:34)
8. Ruination (3:51)
9. Crushed (5:55)
10. Black and Blue (3:44)
11. Greater Goodbye (6:08)
12. Ladders (5:03)
13. All the Time (Bonus Track) (2:46)

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