Ariel Pink – Early Live Recordings (2014)

Genre: Indie,Alternative
Label: Human Ear Music
mp3 320 kbps 201MB

Ariel Pink will release a collection of pre-Haunted Graffiti work on the 2xCD Early Live Recordings, out December 17 via Human Ear Music. The archival compilation features music from Pink’s live shows in the late 90s and early 00s, including songs performed under the names Gorilla and Appleasians. Early Live Recordings follows last year’s reissue of Trash and Burn and Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti’s album Mature Themes. It features a cover of the Shaggs’ “My Cutie”.

1 Berzerker
2 Logan’s Run
3 Chunga
4 El Fantastic Summer Part
5 Lila Lay
6 Die He Die
7 I’m Burning Up
8 Why Am I So Sad
9 Nazi Love
10 Darby’s Revenge
11 Not Her Home Yet
12 I Sold My Soul
13 Dancing in the Darkness
14 Zip Drive
15 By the Powers of Grayskull
16 Damo’s CD
17 Funeral in an Aircraft
18 Farewell Goodbye
19 Tractor Man
20 Inside Looking Out
21 Something In Your Eye
22 Nana
23 Crusades
24 Don’t Turn Back
25 Who Has Scene The Ween
26 Nana Reprise
27 My Cutie
28 I Lied To Her
29 Shelly Come Out Tonite
30 Don’t Turn Back
31 In The Dungeon
32 Inside Looking Out
33 The Appleasians
34 Art Life
35 Red Scare

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