Belle and Sebastian – Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance (2015)

Artist: Belle and Sebastian
Title: Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance
Label: Matador
Genre: Indie Pop
Quality: WEBRip 320Kbps MP3
Str Date: 2015-01-20

Release Notes:

Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance is the ninth studio album by Belle & Sebastian, released on 19 January 2015. The album was recorded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2014 and was Belle & Sebastian’s first record to be produced by Ben H. Allen III. It is their first record to be distributed worldwide by Matador Records.

Track List:

1. Nobody’s Empire
2. Allie
3. The Party Line
4. The Power of Three
5. The Cat with the Cream
6. Enter Sylvia Plath
7. The Everlasting Muse
8. Perfect Couples
9. Ever Had a Little Faith?
10.Play for Today
11.The Book of You
12.Today (This Army’s for Peace)

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