Best of Kitsuné America (2015)

French fashion house Kitsuné also runs an equally stylish label that has uncovered many up-and-coming European talents, ranging from Delphic’s nu-Manchester sounds to Logo’s French house. With Kitsuné America, however, the label turns its eyes and ears to the States, collecting tunes from American artists who fit the Kitsuné aesthetic. Childish Gambino’s “Heartbeat [Them Jeans Remix],” which transforms Donald Glover’s rap into a longing, slow-burning dancefloor anthem, and the sassy 8-bit rock of “Retrograde” by Heartsrevolution (Kitsuné’s lone American signing) are perhaps the best-known artists here, but the collection has much more to offer. DWNTWN’s “See My Eyes” is as sleek and bittersweet as any synth pop from the other side of the Atlantic, while Selebrities’ breathy, wispy “Regret” follows suit with more icy keyboards and cooing female vocals; Poindexter’s “Helpless” feels almost like the male response to these songs. On the dance side of the collection, Gigamesh’s retro-house turn “Your Body” is a standout, along with White Shadow’s Latin-tinged workout “If You Like It.” Like many compilations, Kitsuné America is a touch uneven, but at its best, it shows that the Kitsuné style knows no geographical borders.

Label: Kitsuné Music

01. Childish Gambino – Heartbeat (Them Jeans Remix)
02. Gigamesh – Your Body
03. Frances Rose – Vampire
04. POINDEXTER – Helpless
05. Giraffage – Even Though (feat. XXYYXX)
06. Haerts – Wings
07. Chrome Sparks – Marijuana
08. Gigamesh – GOTF
09. Kent Odessa – Bo Jacksons
10. HeartsRevolution – Pop Heart (Grand Atrium Remix)
11. Beau – Karma
12. Kelela – Cut 4 Me
13. Son Lux – Lost It to Trying (Radio Edit)
14. Misun – Eli Eli
15. Max Jury – Christian Eyes
16. Milk & Bone – Coconut Water
17. Kacy Hill – Experience
18. Basecamp – Watch My Back
19. Heat – This Life
20. Lonely Boy – Future Regret

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