Blonde Redhead – Barragán (2014)

Genre: Alternative/Indie/Pop/Rock
Country: USA
mp3 32kbps 90mb

You can’t really apply just one catch-all adjective to the New York band Blonde Redhead, which just entered its third decade and will soon release its ninth album, Barragán. When it began, the group fit somewhere in the literal and figurative neighborhood of Sonic Youth, as its free-jazz-inflected noise-rock kept one foot neatly planted in art school. But the last decade or so has seen a marked softening in Blonde Redhead’s sound, to the point where the quietest moments on Barragán don’t sound like songs so much as vapors infused with tunes.

01. Barragán
02. Lady M
03. Dripping
04. Cat On Tin Roof
05. The One I Love
06. No More Honey
07. Mind To Be Had
08. Defeatist Anthem (Harry And I)
09. Penultimo
10. Seven Two

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