Bombay Bicycle Club – So Long, See You Tomorrow (2014)

Artist: Bombay Bicycle Club
Album: So Long, See You Tomorrow
Label: Vagrant
Playtime: 44:49 min
Genre: Indie
Rip date: 2014-01-31
Street date: 2014-02-04
Size: 84.86 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 251 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo

Release Notes:

‘I feel like we’ve found the balance between making it interesting and
intelligent, but also not highbrow or elitist’ says Jack Steadman, noting the
band specifically took longer to craft this album. He wrote the record while
travelling through India, Turkey and Tokyo as well as the UK and the
Netherlands; you can really hear the influence of all the different cultures
and their native genres among the beautifully crafted songs on this hugely
ambitious record.

The album was produced by Jack in the band’s studio in London, making it their
most personal record to date. There was always purpose from the beginning to
bring everything together for this album, to tell a story from the first track
through to the finale with everything interconnecting as a complete body of
work. The whole creation process was a really honest one. ‘Jack’s not afraid
of us saying a part or lyric doesn t work so we were able to all be very
involved at every level’ says guitarist Jamie MacColl. They called in Mark
Rankin (in top form having recently mixed QOTSA …Like Clockwork and
AlunaGeorge Body Music ) to help record and mix the album. The album also
features familiar vocal contribution from Lucy Rose as well as impressive
newcomer Rae Morris.

Track List:

01. Overdone
02. It’s Alright Now
03. Carry Me
04. Home By Now
05. Whenever, Wherever
06. Luna
07. Eyes Off You
08. Feel
09. Come To
10. So Long, See You Tomorrow

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