Boys Forever – Boys Forever (2016)

Amour Foo Records
Indie Rock, Lo-Fi

‘Boys Forever’ is the debut solo album from Patrick Doyle, previously of Veronica Falls, The Royal We and Sexy Kids. The album is a tumultuous collection of splintering pop songs, underpinned by acid tongue lyrics and shivering vitriol.

Released on 5th August 2016 via new label Amour Foo, Boys Forever’s self-titled album is a tumultuous collection of splintering pop songs, underpinned by acid tongued lyrics and shivering vitriol, written and performed in its entirety by Doyle.

Having been a member of various bands for over a decade, Boys Forever is Doyle’s first solo project. Though born from disillusionment and despair and the insecurities of a brand new start, the resulting album is paradoxically sparky, gorgeous, swooning garage-pop, a perfect balance of bitter and sweet, happy and sad. Recorded by Andrew Schubert (togetherPANGEA, Wand, No Parents) at Golden Beat studios Los Angeles, the record captures the LA sun, while retaining the melancholic onslaught of the London winter in which it was written.

The ‘Voice In My Head’ video is a snapshot of Patrick’s visits to Los Angeles. He says: “Having recorded the album during overnight sessions the year before, I felt that when I returned to Los Angeles in March I wanted to see more of the city. My friend Mat picked me up and we drove around all day, trying to visit as many typically LA places as we could. We went to the Observatory, Hollywood High and Santa Monica Pier. Mat cut the footage together with some that I shot during recording sessions last year at Golden Beat in Glassell Park.”



1. Poisonous
2. Falling Apart
3. Voice in My Head
4. I Don’t Remember Your Name
5. Cold Is the Colour
6. Things
7. Brian
8. If You Don’t Mind
9. I’ll Remember You
10. Underground

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