Caged Animals – In the Land of Giants (2013)

Artist: Caged Animals
Title of Album: In The Land Of Giants
Label: Lucky Number
Genre: Indie-Pop
Country: USA
Year: 2013
00:41:04 MP4 266kbps 81.9mb

布鲁克林独立电子流行团Caged Animals 9月2日将要发布的首张专辑《In The Land Of Giants》

“Too Much Dark”
“Stop Hurting Each Other”
“Cindy + Me”
“The Sound Of Thunder”
“U + Yr Rocketship”
“The Mute + The Mindreader”
“Tiny Sounds”
“We’re Playing With Fire”
“A Psychic Lasso”
“In The Land Of Giants”
“(you’re a giant now)”
“What You’re Looking For”

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