Campfire OK – When You Have Arrived (2013)

Artist: Campfire OK
Title of Album: When You Have Arrived
Genre: Indie Rock
Country: USA
mp3 V0 89.6mb

低调的西雅图Campfire OK乐队携新专辑《When You Have Arrived》回归,较之前更为深沉迷幻,与2011年的那张《Strange Like We Are》比较有很大变化。乐队即将踏上与Anberlin乐队的巡演之旅。

01. 2+3
02. My Dear Friends
03. Wishing You The Best
04. Fireworks At Night
05. New Tradition
06. Pretty And Kind
07. Whereabouts
08. Orange Grove
09. Wooden Queen (Melodie Knight)
10. When You Have Arrived
11. Smoke Out Your Eyes (Melodie Knight)
12. Our Hearts Beat Light (To An Orange Grove)

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