Citizens! – European Soul (2015)

Artist: Citizens!
Title: European Soul
Label: Kitsune
Genre: Electronic, Indie Rock
Quality: MP3 V0 VBR
Str Date: 2015-04-13

Release Notes:

Citizens! have announced details of their second album, European Soul, which is released on Kitsune / Sony Red on Monday April 13th 2015.

The first track to be taken from the album, Lighten Up, was launched in December of last year with a stunning interactive video by acclaimed directors Focus Creeps (who made R U Mine? by the Arctic Monkeys and Easy Easy by King Krule).

Taking ‘soul’ as its musical cue, the record is future-facing and profoundly positive – ‘In Waiting For Your Lover, there’s a line that says: ‘everything can change tonight’, explains lead singer Tom Burke. ‘You should never be resigned, always push forward. That’s European Soul’.

Talking about the title of the album Tom explains. ‘The album is a love song to Europe. When we sing ‘Don’t be scared of the world outside your window.’ we are longing for a unified and hopeful spirit that is not afraid of the outsider. The title is more ideological than political. It suggests the idea of unity, of inclusion; by sharing emotion people come together. The best parties are the ones where everyone is invited.’

Track List:

1. Lighten Up
2. Waiting for Your Lover
3. European Girl
4. My Kind of Girl
5. Only Mine
6. Brick Wall
7. Trouble
8. I Remember
9. Have I Met You?
10. Xmas Japan
11. Are You Ready?
12. All I want Is You
13. Mercy
14. Idiots
15. Lighten Up (Cesare Remix)

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    祝作者新年快乐…很悲剧 沙发竟然不是我的…封面确实很阳光哈…2010一切已过去.2011将是新的开始.

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