Crystal Stilts – Nature Noir (2013)

Artist : Crystal Stilts
Title of Album : Nature Noir
Year : 2013
Genre : Alternative/Rock
Quality : 320 kbps
Total Size : 80 MB

1. Spirit in Front of Me
2. Star Crawl
3. Future Folklore
4. Sticks and Stones
5. Memory Room
6. Worlds Gone Weird
7. Darken The Door
8. Electrons Rising
9. Nature Noir
10. Phases Forever

Brooklyn guitar-experimentalists Crystal Stilts have announced the release of their second album ‘Nature Noir’, due out on Sacred Bones,16th September (17th September, US).
Following from debut, ‘Alight of Night’ their second ‘In Love With Oblivion’ record was released in 2011, with new track ‘Star Crawl’sharing few similarities with the songs on its predecessor, and the ‘Radiant Door’ EP. The new song is strung out, arranged with a combination of organic instrumentation and frazzled, electric riffs, overseeing the sleepy mantra “I’m too tired baby, ohhh”.


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