Daytona – Daytona (2013)

Genre: Indie Pop
Country: USA
mp3 320kbps 90mb

The self-titled debut from Brooklyn-based indie trio Daytona is a dreamy affair percolated with plenty of sunny Afro-pop guitar textures and wistful, wide-eyed refrains evoking breezy summer road trips down the coast to the band’s native North Carolina. It’s fitting then, that “The Road,” a bright paean to wanderlust chronicling two of the bandmates’ cross-country bike trips, opens the album and serves to define its overall tone.

01. The Road
02. New Foundation
03. Honey
04. Lighthouse
05. Ought To Be A Law
06. Maria
07. Old Friend
08. Metropolitan
09. Raincoat
10. Oregon

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