De Rosa – Weem (2016)

Rock Action Records
Alt.Rock, Indie
WEBRip 320Kbps mp3

  This is Glasgow’s De Rosa’s third studio album and their first for Mogwai’s Rock Action Records. They have previously toured with Arab Strap, Doves and Mogwai so fans of those bands plus Interpol, The Twilight Sad and Belle & Sebastian will enjoy this album.

“This is a clip from a song called ‘Spectres’, which is the opener on our forthcoming album ‘Weem’. The lines ‘Together in the glow / Of parties years ago’ and ‘Out on a shire of ghosts’ remind me of the working class family in which I grew up. The superstitious lyrics have more to do with our faith in each other than any specific belief in ghosts or anything spiritual. The visuals were made by Bellshill photographer Kris Boyle.” – Martin John Henry, De Rosa

1. Spectres (5:53)
2. Lanes (3:30)
3. Chip On My Shoulder (3:48)
4. Scott Fank Juniper (4:25)
5. Falling Water (3:05)
6. Fausta (3:25)
7. Prelude To Entropic Doom (3:45)
8. The Sea Cup (3:35)
9. Devils (4:36)
10. Lanes (Reprise) (1:26)
11. The Mute (3:39)

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