Death Grips – Bottomless Pit (2016)

Third Worlds
Alternative, Electronic, Experimental, Hip-Hop
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Death Grips have unveiled further details about their new album ‘Bottomless Pit’, it was announced this evening (March 18).

The Sacramento group had announced that they were to split in 2014, but have since continued to release new music. After teasing Hot Head last month (February), the duo – known for their anthemic ‘Guillotine’ track -have released more information regarding their new album.

01 “Giving Bad People Good Ideas”
02 “Hot Head”
03 “Spikes”
04 “Warping”
05 “Eh”
06 “Bubbles”
07 “Trash”
08 “Houdini”
09 “BB Poison”
10 “Three Bedrooms In A Good Neighborhood”
11 “Ring A Bell”
12 “8080808”
13 “Bottomless Pit”

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