DIIV – Is the Is Are (2016)

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Indie Rock, Shoegaze

“is the is are”… is a diverse record, it is a happy record, a sad record, a happysad, sadhappy, mad, glad, quiet, mad, dark, glad, poppy, fast, slow, heavy, fast, peaceful, angry, chaotic, beautiful, lost/found, ugly, dry, wet, fuck, fast, dead, heartbroken, in love, loud, quiet, loud, loudquiet, quietloud, happy, mad, quiet, fuck, and loud record. please like it. please love it. do you love me? DIIV is the real me. fuck, xo cole

Track list:

Out of Mind
Under the Sun
Bent (Roi’s Song)
Blue Boredom
Yr Not Far
Take Your Time
Is The Is Are
Mire (Grant’s Song)
Incarnate Devil
Healthy Moon
Loose Ends
Waste of Breath

链接: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1bnQipv5 密码: b7p1

12 thoughts on “DIIV – Is the Is Are (2016)

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