Dirt Farmer – Delilah Lightning EP (2013)

Genre: indie-pop, rock
Origin: Melbourne
mp3 320kbps 37 MB

Dirt Farmer play a brand of whimsical slacker rock’n’roll that’s endearing, and not really that dirty, at least in the classic sense of that term. Dirt Farmer’s new EP, Delilah Lightning, has everything you want in a band: there’s enough adolescent-life-and-love pop sensibility in She Shakes to bring Brian Wilson to the beach party; All I Know is all bobby socks, loafers and shrugged shoulders to recreate the best parts of ’50s rock’n’roll in a contemporary setting. Double Down skips down south of the Antipodean equivalent of the Mason-Dixon line (the Albury-Wodonga line?) jumps on a freight train and rides off into the night.

01 She Shakes (free download) 02:46
02 All I Know 02:31
03 Double Denim 03:07
04 Delilah Lightning 04:15
05 New Mexico 02:53

Download (pan.baidu)

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