Dog Bite – Tranquilizers (2014)

Genre: Indie Rock, Dream Pop, Shoegaze
mp3 VBR ~231K/s 44100Hz Joint Stereo
Total Time: 34:57 (min:sec)
Total Size: 68,1 MB

In a new set of sounds inspired by the likes of Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes, Atlanta-based band Dog Bite – the new project from Washed Out’s keyboardist Phil Jones – releases a sensory album of dark, soulful melodies, with smooth vocals dipped in Codeine. The fittingly-titled Tranquilizers is the band’s second release, and meanders in a dream-like state rooted in old-school influence. Jones experiments with a kick of smoky textures and lazily stretched vocals that blend seamlessly into one another, with hazy synth-work and surrealist sounds.

01. There Was Time
02. We
03. Lady Queen
04. Tuesdays
05. Clarinets
06. Wonder Dark
07. Dream Feast
08. Royals
09. L’oiseau Storm
10. Rest Assured

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