Download GOD’s Before The Bible Mixtape

True to his mythos, it seems Chicago’s GOD has entered the rap game fully formed, like Athena springing fully armed from the head of Zeus. There’s little information to be found on the elusive rapper, but his “God Vs Devil” video is immediately arresting. Today, he’s released his second tape, six-track Before The Bible, in which he combines drill’s devil-may-care nihilism with a bigger-than-himself ability to critique how fucked up his city is while admittedly contributing to its problems: Clapping at everything moving, I get a rush from the action/ This ain’t no movie, these youngins really be busting these uzis/ They don’t know how to read but they be toting them toolies, he raps on “Chiraq II.” Particularly in the wake of a flood of “Chiraq”-focused documentaries, it’s refreshing to hear a voice from the inside directing the conversation.

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