Dum Dum Girls – Too True (2014)

Label: Sub Pop
Genre: Indie
mp3 320Kbps 30:16 min 68.5MB

Dee Dee Penny and her band Dum Dum Girls made their name on primitivism, only to demolish the expectations they’d created for themselves. Even the name Dum Dum Girls suggests adherence to the garage-bound basics, and the group’s early recordings follow suit. But the new Too True is different: A streamlined record, it borrows the cool, plainspoken efficiency of its predecessors while slickening and smartening the songs themselves.

1.Cult of Love
2.Evil Blooms
3.Rimbaud Eyes
4.Are You Okay?
5.Too True to Be Good
6.In the Wake of You
7.Lost Boys and Girls Club
8.Little Minx
9.Under These Hands
10.Trouble Is My Name

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