Dutch Uncles – O Shudder (2015)

Artist: Dutch Uncles
Title: O Shudder
Label: Memphis Industries
Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop
Quality: WEBRip MP3 V0
Str Date: 2015-02-23

Release Notes:

Dutch Uncles are an indie band from Manchester. They are known for their use of atypical time signatures within a pop context. Their influences includes several bands such as The Smiths, King Crimson, Steve Reich, XTC and Talking Heads.

Originally from Marple, the band started playing together in college. The band became Dutch Uncles in April 2008. In early 2009, the band released an album in Germany with Tapete Records, a German label, recorded at Clouds Hill Studios in Hamburg.

The fourth full-length release for the British indie pop band was produced by Brendan Williams and features guest appearance from Stealing Sheep.

Track List:

1. Babymaking (3:43)
2. Upsilon (4:41)
3. Drips (4:27)
4. Decided Knowledge (3:03)
5. I Should Have Read (3:13)
6. In N Out (3:13)
7. Given Thing (3:33)
8. Don’t Sit Back (Frankie Said) (4:20)
9. Accelerate (3:18)
10. Tidal Weight (4:06)
11. Be Right Back (4:36)

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