East India Youth – Total Strife Forever (2014)

Label: Remote Control
Genre: Electronic, Indie
VBR 248kbps 103MB

Total Strife Forever, the first LP by Bournemouth born sonic experimentalist William Doyle who records under the evocative name of East India Youth, is the sort of debut album that could only really be made in the polymorphous, wildly creative musical times in which we now inhabit.


1. Glitter Recession
2. Total Strife Forever I
3. Dripping Down
4. Hinterland
5. Heaven, How Long
6. Total Strife Forever II
7. Looking for Someone
8. Midnight Koto
9. Total Strife Forever III
10. Song for Granular Piano
11. Total Strife Forever IV

Download (pan.baidu)

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