Emmy the Great – Second Love (2016)

Artist: Emmy The Great
Title: Second Love
Genre: Alternative,Indie,Folk
Year: 2016-03-11
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320 Kbps
Tracks: 12
Time: 00:42:55
Size: 98.32 MB

Emmy The Great will release her highly anticipated third album Second Love on Bella Union on March 11th 2016.

There is a distinct nod to her debut First Love, in terms of the storytelling that first impressed her lyrical and emotional dexterity upon so many. But on Second Love, Emma-Lee Moss delves into the chambers of a human heart ever-connected to the glare of a nearby screen. This is an album imbued with modern sounds, a nod to new eras, while maintaining the human warmth always associated with an ETG album. The songs are full of emotion and questioning, with the chatter of friends and collaborators ‘coded’ into the sonic landscape.

1. Swimming Pool (feat. Tom Fleming) (4:07)
2. Less Than Three (2:57)
3. Algorithm (3:34)
4. Hyperlink (4:08)
5. Constantly (4:26)
6. Social Halo (4:08)
7. Never Go Home (2:58)
8. Dance w Me (3:30)
9. Phoenixes (3:19)
10. Shadowlawns (3:46)
11. Part of Me (2:23)
12. Lost in You (3:30)

链接: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1o70gPy6 密码: hc29

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