Errors – Lease of Life (2015)

Artist: Errors
Title: Lease of Life
Label: Rock Action
Genre: Indie Rock, Post-Rock, Synth-Pop
Quality: CDRip MP3 V0 VBR
Str Date: 2015-03-23

Release Notes:

It can be all too easy to let an album’s artwork inform your appreciation of the music in imaginary ways, like some kind of reverse Rorschach inkblot. Yet it’s difficult to see the pot plant at the centre of Errors’ fourth album and not feel that it’s indicative of a slightly more natural approach from the Glaswegian trio.

Lease of Life is hardly Errors picking up the acoustic guitars and panpipes – it’s still very much an uplifting fusion of electro with indie rock sensibilities – but it certainly comes across as a more organic sound overall.

The liberal use of vocals, something that has been slowly evolving with previous records, is certainly part of this, yet rather than burying them so deep within the mix that they become almost another instrument as before, Lease of Life is instead flush with straight-cut melodies to complement the shimmering 80s breeze of Slow Rotor, or the kinetic pulse of Genuflection. Errors’ collective heart has always been evident, but on Lease of Life, it beats that little bit louder.

Track List:

01. Colossal Estates (3:01)
02. Lease Of Life (7:21)
03. Slow Rotor (4:57)
04. New Winged Fire (5:56)
05. Early Nights (1:46)
06. Dull Care (7:07)
07. Genuflection (5:22)
08. Putman Caraibe (3:59)
09. Through The Knowledge Of Those Who Observe Us (13:19)

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