Falling You – Blush (2013)

Label: Magnatune
Genre: Indie Rock, Post-Rock, Dream Pop
mp3 320 kbps 145 MB
Total Time: 1:02:16

This is a fascinating musical project featuring Ambient Composer John Zorko with several female vocalists backing him up. Zorko is the singular composer but he brings to the table 10 female vocalists (Erica Mulkey, Colleen Segale, Dru Allen, Summer Bowman, Artemis Robinson, Rabbitt Quinn, Noga Vilozny, Danielle Colbeck, Amelia Higan, RaVen Lakins) The atmosphere remains ethereal, the perspective remains optimistic. There are innumerable events, large and small, which happen all over the world which can induce a smile on our face and a gentle tug at our heart, if we only let them. This album is about celebrating those unexpected, yet beautiful moments.


1. And When We Meet (Featuring Colleen Segale) (3:30)
2. Destiny’s Reins (Featuring Erica Mulkey) (6:49)
3. I Dream Ascending (Featuring Dru Allen) (5:28)
4. Unfurling (Featuring Summer Bowman) (7:00)
5. Efflorescence (3:50)
6. Blush (Featuring Artemis Robison) (5:45)
7. Aurora (Featuring Rabbit Quinn) (6:10)
8. Dodi Li (Featuring Noga Vilozny) (5:50)
9. Man Up, Ladies (Featuring Danielle Colbeck) (4:22)
10. Poppy (Featuring Amelia Hogan) (5:33)
11. A Very Powerful Idea (Featuring Raven Lakins) (7:59)

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