Fanfarlo – Let’s Go Extinct (2014)

Genre: Pop, Folk
Country: UK
mp3 320kbps 109mb

Fanfarlo‘s first two albums took two very separate routes, from the lush alt-folk of their 2009 debut to the ’80s-synth-orientated direction that engulfed 2012′s Rooms Filled with Light, and on their third record, Let’s Get Extinct, they manage to combine the two. Their bold approach to songwriting isn’t suppressed here as they voyage into the depths of human evolution and effortlessly combine this theme with expansive pop melodies.

01. Life In The Sky
02. Cell Song
03. Myth Of Myself (A Ruse To Exploit Our Weaknesses)
04. A Distance
05. We’re The Future
06. Landlocked
07. Painting With Life
08. The Grey And Gold
09. The Beginning And The End
10. Let’s Go Extinct

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