Fins – Fins EP (2013)

Fins – Fins EP (2013)
label: ObscureMe
mp3 320kbps 47 MB

The early songs by the Connecticut punk band Fins sounded loose, sloppy, careening, joyful — you know, like the Replacements. On their new, self-titled mini-LP, they’ve connected with Brooklyn noise-rock Svengali Ben Greenberg: As a result, they sound loose, sloppy, careening, serious — you know, like the Men. The Men’s influence in the underground rock community has grown to a near-deafening peak, and Greenberg, through his work with bands like Sleepies, Pampers, and countless others, acts as its chief proselytizer. There is a minor mini-Albini effect to his studio presence: Bands that work with him don’t necessarily come out sounding like the Men, but his touch tends to locate a certain something — a pile-driving, sweaty intensity.

01 – Passing
02 – Sockets
03 – Wander
04 – Braches
05 – Shattered
06 – Cow Eyes

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