Frank Turner – Positive Songs for Negative People (2015)

Artist: Frank Turner
Title: Positive Songs for Negative People
Label: Xtra Mile Recordings
Genre: Folk, Alternative, Rock
Quality: FLAC + MP3 V0
Str Date: 2015-08-07

Release Notes:

Frank Turner releases his next studio album through Xtra Mile Recordings and Polydor Records. ‘Positive Songs for Negative People’ is the singer-songwriter’s sixth album and the follow-up to 2013’s critically-acclaimed ‘Tape Deck Heart’. It was made with his trusted backing band The Sleeping Souls and produced by Butch Walker in Nashville.

Like much of Turner’s work, it is a record that takes Life’s Big Issues – triumphing over the darkest adversities – and places them inside a mix of beguiling, intricate vignettes and sweeping anthems. ‘Josephine’ is a punky singalong and ‘Mittens’ is a fist-clenched song of defiance whilst tracks such as ‘Glorious You’ and ‘Demons’ pack a bittersweet emotional punch. That it begins with ‘The Angel Islington’, a tribute to North London, and ends with ‘Song For Josh’, a touching eulogy recorded live at the 9.30 Club in Washington, is an apt reflection of the journey Frank Turner has made over the past 10 years. He has made homes from home, and formed strong bonds along the way. ‘Positive Songs for Negative People’ is Turner at both his most reflective and celebratory.

Track List:

01. The Angel Islington (2:26)
02. Get Better (2:46)
03. The Next Storm (3:34)
04. The Opening Act of Spring (3:00)
05. Glorious You (3:15)
06. Mittens (4:30)
07. Out of Breath (2:06)
08. Demons (4:05)
09. Josephine (3:22)
10. Love Forty Down (2:30)
11. Silent Key (4:40)
12. Song for Josh (3:28)

Deluxe Bonus Acustic Album:
13. Get Better (Acoustic) (2:50)
14. The Next Storm (Acoustic) (3:34)
15. The Opening Act of Spring (Acoustic) (3:20)
16. Glorious You (Acoustic) (3:51)
17. Mittens (Acoustic) (4:18)
18. Out of Breath (Acoustic) (2:00)
19. Demons (Acoustic) (4:26)
20. Josephine (Acoustic) (3:29)
21. Love Forty Down (Acoustic) (2:35)
22. Silent Key (Acoustic) (4:26)

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