Future Wife – We’re Gonna Die (2013)

Label: Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company
Genre: indie folk, indie-rock
MP3 320kbps 44:42 104MB

The New York Times recently called Young Jean Lee “hands down, the most adventurous downtown playwright of her generation”. Her band Future Wife‘s first album We’re Gonna Die, like her immensely acclaimed live show on which it’s based is a life-affirming work, comprising a cycle of songs and personal stories about the one thing we all have in common. But whereas the live show features Lee performing all of the monologues she has, for the album, invited some of her musician friends to tell the stories: David Byrne, Laurie Anderson, Kathleen Hanna, Adam Horovitz (aka Ad-Rock), Drew Daniel and Martin Schmidt (Matmos), Sarah Neufeld (Arcade Fire) and Colin Stetson — some of whom also contribute to the music. Album was produced by Shannon Fields.


1. Uncle John (Read by Adam Horovitz) (03:26)
2. Emily & Jenny (Read by Kathleen Hanna) (03:16)
3. Lullaby For the Miserable (feat. Sarah Neufeld) (03:45)
4. Family Reunion (Read by Sarah Neufeld) (02:36)
5. I Still Have You (02:27)
6. Henry (Read by Martin Schmidt) (01:29)
7. No Comfort For the Lonely (feat. Colin Stetson) (03:48)
8. White Hair (Read by Drew Daniel) (01:03)
9. When You Get Old (03:36)
10. Father (Read by David Byrne) (06:19)
11. Beth (Read by Laurie Anderson) (02:40)
12. Horrible Things (04:39)
13. Conclusion (Read by Colin Stetson) (01:06)
14. I’m Gonna Die (04:31)

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