Gang Colours – Invisible In Your City (2013)

Artist: Gang Colours
Album: Invisible In Your City
Released: 2013
Style: Electronic
Format: MP3 253Kbps
Size: 66 Mb

Real name Will Ozanne, Gang Colours’ introductory full length ‘The Keychain Collection’ was a bewildering, colourful document. Fusing bass textures with organic qualities, it was rightly lauded by fans and critics on its release.
Faced with the prospect of coughing up his second full length, Gang Colours has returned with something quite special. Both enhancing the elements which powered his debut album and introducing new influences, ‘Invisible In Your City’ is a delicately wrought yet powerful return.

01 – The Rhythm The Rebel
02 – Invisible In Your City
03 – Home
04 – Up The Downs
05 – Freshwater Fantasy
06 – Led By Example
07 – Communal Quo
08 – River For Dinner
09 – Why Didn’t You Call
10 – Always Crashing In The Same Car

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