Geographer – Ghost Modern (2015)

Artist: Geographer
Title: Ghost Modern
Label: Roll Call Records
Genre: Indie Pop, Electronic
Quality: CDRip V0 MP3
Str Date: 2015-03-24

Release Notes:

Geographer is an American indie rock band based in San Francisco, California.

Formed in 2007, by Michael Deni the band have described their sound as being “soulful music from outer space” using analog, electronic and acoustic elements to craft dense layers and unique sound textures.

Geographer has released two full-length albums, Innocent Ghosts in 2008 and Myth in 2012; one extended-play (EP) album, Animal Shapes in 2010; and a 7″ single, Kites in 2009.

The band announced on its website in March 2014 that they would be supporting Tokyo Police Club on their North American tour.

Track List:

1) Intro
2) I’m Ready
3) Need
4) You Say You Love Me
5) Too Much
6) The Guest
7) Read Your Palm
8) The Fire Is Coming
9) Patience
10) Keep
11) Interlude
12) Falling Apart

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2 thoughts on “Geographer – Ghost Modern (2015)

  1. 从那么瘦练到那么壮,真的要很多年,很强大的毅力,因为我有一个同学,从前是个小胖子,花了三年时间坚持不懈健身,现在各种肌肉已经闪瞎我的眼睛,已经完全不是同一个人了。为什么我觉得这些人这么牛逼,因为我自己也练过,但是没坚持的下来,我自己是枚吃货,吃方面我就控


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