Hammock – Oblivion Hymns (2013)


Artist: Hammock
Title: Oblivion Hymns
Label:Hammock Music
Genre: Post-Rock/Indie/Ambient
Quality: CDRip V0 VBR MP3
Time: 56:13
Size: 104 MB
Str Date: 2013-11-26
URL: http://shop.hammockmusic.com/album/oblivion-hymns

Track List:

01. My Mind Was a Fog… My Heart Became a Bomb
02. Then the Quiet Explosion
03. Turning Into Tiny Particles… Floating Through Empty Space
04. Like a Valley With No Echo
05. Holding Your Absence
06. Shored Against the Ruins… Drowning In Ten Directions
07. I Could Hear the Water at the Edge of All Things
08. In the Middle of This Nowhere
09. Hope Becomes a Loss
10. Tres Dominé


Download: (Pan.baidu)

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