James Franco and Jacob Loeb shares song as Baby Blue

Last year, we spoke at length with polymath James Franco about a Rudolph Valentino-inspired music video he shot for Daddy, his collaborative musical project with Tim O’Keefe. Now, Chicago-born actor Jacob Loeb, the star of Franco’s forthcoming Bukowski biopic, is making his musical debut as Baby Blue, a glammy dream-pop project born out of the social isolation of the Hollywood newcomer’s first summer in Los Angeles. Here’s “Cloze Yr Eyes,” the gauzy lead single from his forthcoming four-track EP, Promenade, which is out February 28th via Loose Recordings and Manimal. He says it’s inspired by the “idealistic swooning of early doo wop” and “the dramatized identity crisis of Bowie,” but unlike Daddy’s similar-minded musical genre play, it sounds both plausibly not-of-this-time and highly synch-able.

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