Jamie xx 正准备 Solo Mixtape,Four Tet将会出现在客串阵容

Jamie xx has dropped a lot of vague information about projects he’s got in the pipeline of late, without offering anything too concrete. Now, FACT points out, he tells The Japan Times that he’s got a new solo mixtape on the way. Well, sort of solo– he says it’ll include contributions from his friends in the xx and past collaborator Four Tet. “It’ll just be ready when it’s ready,” he says. So it goes.

之前就有一些不是特别明确的信息关于Jamie xx将要发行自己的个人音乐项目,但并没有太具体的说明。如今,Jamie告诉《日本时报》他的个人Mixtape就要制作完成了,并表示这张Mixtape The xx队友和之前就有过合作的Four Tet都为做出了很大贡献。

Watch The xx – Recording mini-documentary:


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