Jane’s Party – Hot Noise (2013)

Label: Cameron House Records
Genre: Indie
mp3 320kbps 101mb
Total Time: 42:49 min

It’s been more than four years since Jane’s Party dropped their debut album, 2009’s The Garage Sessions, and following the recent ‘Til You Got Yours EP, the band are finally ready to release album number two. Hot Noise came out digitally last week, and you can stream the whole thing is advance of next week’s physical release.

These 12 tracks were laid down at Zeus’ Ill Eagle Studio in Toronto with Taylor Knox. A press release name-drops sonic touchstones like the Beach Boys, the Kinks and the Strokes, and you’ll hear traces of these bands in the bright pop melodies and slight trace of guitar grit.


1. Palm Reading
2. Meet Me Halfway
3. ‘Til You Got Yours
4. Hot Noise Pt. 1
5. Loose Ends
6. Hideaway
7. Dutch Blue Sky
8. Hot Noise Pt. 2
9. Miles Away
10. Anytime Now
11. Reds and Blues
12. Seasons

Download (pan.baidu)

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