Kurt Vile & Sore Eros – Jamaica Plain EP (2013)

QUALITY: mp3 320kbps
GENRE: ambient,indie pop,lo fi
LABEL: Care in the Community

Philadelphia musicians Kurt Vile and Robert Robinson began collaborating long before they would rise to greater acclaim both individually and together, Robinson with his tape-hiss symphonies as Sore Eros and Vile as a dreamer of vivid, guitar-based indie rock daydreams with his much-lauded solo work. Robinson would accompany Vile as one of the Violators on tours, but in the early 2000s the two worked frequently on lo-fi home recordings that could at times boil down the best elements of their moody, often spaced-out musical personalities. Jamaica Plain is a short-running EP that collects some bright moments from these early collaborations, initially offered up years after their creation. Even though it’s just three, mostly instrumental tunes, the material here is surprisingly in keeping with the best of each of its creators’ respective work.

Jamaica Plain EP:

01 Jamaica Plain
02 Serum
03 Calling Out of Work

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