Lee Bannon – Alternate/Endings (2014)

Label: Ninja Tune
Genre: Jungle, Drum & Bass
320Kbps 61:18min 130MB

NYC-based Bannon got his start via hip-hop production, notably crafting beats for Joey Bada$$ and the Pro Era crew. But the American artist always had a wider idea of what he could get away with when it comes to hip-hop production compared to some of his peers, earning praise for his atmospheric and unusual sounds, particularly 2012’s Fantastic Plastic LP, which landed on Plug Research.


01. Resorectah
02. NW/WB
03. Prime/Decent
04. Shoot Out The Stars And Win
05. Bent/Sequence
06. Phoebe Cates
07. 216
08. Perfect/Division
09. Value 10
10. Cold/Melt
11. Readly/Available
12. Eternal/Attack

Download (pan.baidu)

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