Let’s Wrestle – Let’s Wrestle (2014)

Label: Fortuna Pop!
Genre: Indie Rock
mp3 VBR 62 Mb
Total Length: 00:37:27

Let’s Wrestle hail from London, England. Led by lead singer and songwriter Wesley Patrick Gonzalez, they have influences as vast as Black Flag, Buddy Holly, Faust, and Edith Piaf but are ultimately trying to be as raw as possible. They try to write songs that make your soul crumble as well as make you smile, sing along, and clap your hands.

01 In Dreams (Pt. 2)
02 If I Keep on Loving You
03 In the Suburbs
04 Bad Mamories
05 Dear John
06 For My Mother
07 You’re So Lazy
08 There’s a Rockstar in My Room
09 I Forgot
10 I Am Useful
11 I Will Not Give In
12 Getting Rest

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