Lil Daggers – No Pizza No Peace EP (2013)

Genres: Rock, Music
Released: Sep 10, 2013
℗ 2013 Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records
mp3 320kbps 32mb

Miami garage punks Lil Daggers started out as a home recording project back in 2008, but the five piece soon developed into an aggressive group who’ve become known for a sprawling psych rock that sounds a sweaty basement. Below, you can stream their upcoming digital/cassette EP—and it might make you hungry in the process. Titled No Pizza No Peace, it’s pretty much the best argument you can make against a pacifist. Give me pizza, or give me death!

Track List:
1. After The Flood
2. Spiderlilly
3. Ulcer on My Skull
4. Jazz Tom
5. Stray Chank

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