Lindi Ortega – Tin Star (2013)

Genres: Country, Music
Released: Oct 08, 2013
℗ 2013 Last Gang Records Inc.
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from Tin Star, her third album, to learn her life story in a brisk two minutes and thirty seconds. “I’ll be singing ‘til my dying day,” she exclaims over a double time, near rockabilly beat with twangy lead guitar and enough attitude to make it clear she’s not kidding.
On the other side of the coin is the title track, a sweet, lovely ballad where she compares herself to an old tin star –“all beat up and rusty”– next to all the shining ones in her Nashville base. Perfectly placed strings and piano add to the melancholy vibe and the lyrics make it clear there are still dues to be paid.

1. Hard As This 3:13
2. Gypsy Child 2:29
3. Tin Star 3:39
4. Voodoo Mama 2:15
5. Lived and Died Alone 3:44
6. I Want You 3:27
7. This Is Not Surreal 2:55
8. Something For You 4:12
9. All These Cats 1:59
10. Waitin’ On My Luck To Change 2:07
11. Songs About 3:54
12. Talk About It (Bonus Track) 2:45

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