Liquor Store – In the Garden (2013)

Genre: indie rock, garage rock
Label: Almost Ready Records
Origin: New Jersey, USA
mp3 VBR~277 kbps 73MB

There’s something economical about naming your band Liquor Store (founded by Sarim Al-Rawi, ex-Titus Andronicus), and it has nothing to do with bargain-hunting for booze. The handle says more than any genre ever could — it speaks to a sound and a state of mind with incredible ease. You will not be surprised when we tell you that these five fellas love beer, hail from New Jersey, and dubbed their first album Yeah Buddy. But we are not here to discuss the past. Liquor Store are only interested in a version of the future where their classic rock — as heard on second LP In the Garden — fills not only the interiors of every sweet ‘Stang from there to the Pacific, but each arena of this fine nation as well.

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