Lo-Fang – Blue Film (2014)

Artist: Lo-Fang
Title: Blue Film
Label: 4AD Records
Genre: Indie Pop/Alternative/Electronic
Quality: MP3 320Kbps CBR
Time: 42:15
Size: 97 MB
Str Date: 2014-02-24

Track List:

1. Look Away (05:00)
2. Boris (03:37)
3. When We’re Fire (03:48)
4. Light Year (03:59)
5. Blue Film (03:04)
6. Interlude (00:30)
7. #88 (06:48)
8. Intro (00:25)
9. Animal Urges (05:01)
10. Confusing Happiness (03:04)
11. You’re the One That I Want (03:24)
12. Permutations (03:31)

Release Notes:

Blue Film was written and recorded in a farmhouse in Maryland, hotels and studios in Cambodia, London, Nashville, before being completed in the legendary Capitol Studios in Los Angeles.

Highly detailed, the debut album from Lo-Fang has roots in electronic, R&B, classical, and folk music, cast through a pop prism.

Matthew Hemerlein, the man behind Lo-Fang, is classically trained in violin, cello, bass, piano and guitar, performing all the instruments on his debut album, Blue Film.

Download: (Pan.baidu)

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