Lorelle meets The Obsolete – Chambers (2014)

Label: Captcha Records
Genre: Indie, Shoegaze, Psychedelic Rock, Female Vocal
mp3 320 101mb
Total Time: 39:19 min

Following their rapturously received European tour in September 2013 which saw them praised in the pages of NME and The Fly and played on BBC 6 Music, XFM, Amazing Radio and Absolute Radio Lorelle Meets The Obsolete release their third album, Chambers. It’s a surprisingly direct record which despite locking into a pulsating krautrock groove on What’s Holding You? or getting lost in a fog of white noise on recent teaser track Music For Dozens, always retains a very human heart and soul. There is diversity too; from the slide guitar and driving bass on the out of control rave up that is Sealed Scene to the narco-blues of Dead Leaves and the folky, melancholy Grieving.

A1 – What’s Holding You?
A2 – The Myth of the Wise
A3 – Dead Leaves
A4 – I Can’t Feel the Outside
A5 – Music for Dozens
B1 – Grieving
B2 – Sealed Scene
B3 – Third Wave
B4 – 13 Flowers
B5 – Thoughts About Night Noon

Download (pan.baidu)

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