Mac DeMarco – Live and Acoustic: Vol. 1 (2013)

Mac DeMarco – Live and Acoustic: Vol. 1 (2013)
Label: Captured Tracks
medium: Cassette
mp3 320kbps 57mb

Lovable sleazeball Mac DeMarco is known for his slippery jangle pop and his so-called “jizz jazz” brand of rock’n’roll, but he’s showcasing a softer side of his sound by releasing a new acoustic EP.

Dubbed Live & Acoustic Vol. 1, it’s out now through Captured Tracks. The tape features seven acoustic cuts that were recorded during a release party for The Fader. The show took place at Brooklyn, NY’s Converse Rubber Tracks studio back in September.

Cooking Up Something Good (3:00)
Marilyn And Me (2:55)
Annie (3:38)
Let My Baby Stay (4:39)
Eating Like A Kid (3:05)
Only You (4:10)
Still Together (3:40)

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