Marine Dreams – Corner of the Eye (2013)

Genre: folk-rock, indie-pop
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“It glides through the pearly sky,” Ian Kehoe cheerfully sings on Marine Dreams’ sophomore effort Corner of the Eye. The journeyed songwriter descends on new territory with 10 new minimally constructed folk-pop songs that are both thoughtful and poetic. The three-part vocal harmonies and shimmering 12-string acoustic guitar mark a slight departure from Marine Dreams’ more driving debut, but the ease with which the songs yield to ’70s folk influences makes for a natural transition. Those who have been following Kehoe will likely spot collaborator Daniel Romano’s fingerprint in the production, which succeeds in lightly colouring the songs with just a touch of AM radio gold.

1. Faces 04:05
2. Straight Path 04:00
3. Damp Eyes 03:41
4. Corner Of The Eye 03:00
5. Roots Come After Lengthy Waits 03:13
6. How Can I Be So Misunderstood? 03:15
7. I Won’t Be Abandoned 03:10
8. Morning 03:48
9. Guarding My Love 03:28
10. Scared Of Burning Up 03:42

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