Maxïmo Park – Too Much Information (2014)

Artist: Maxïmo Park
Title: Too Much Information
Label: Daylighting
Genre: Indie Rock / Alternative Rock
Quality: Scene MP3 VBR V0
Time: 35:44
Size: 86.4MB
Str Date: 2014-02-03

Track List:

Disc 1:

01. Give, Get, Take
02. Brain Cells
03. Leave This Island
04. Lydia, The Ink Will Never Dry
05. My Bloody Mind
06. Is It True
07. Drinking Martinis
08. I Recognise The Light
09. Midnight on The Hill
10. Her Name Was Audre
11. Where We’re Going
12. Out Of Harm’s Way

Limited Deluxe Edition Disc 2:

01. Middlesbrough Man
02. I’ll Be Here In The Morning
03. Lover, Lover, Lover
04. Northern Sky
05. Final Day
06. Fade Into You

Release Notes:

The band will release their fifth album ‘Too Much Information’ on February 3. It is the follow-up to their 2012 LP ‘The National Health’.

‘Too Much Information’ was recorded and produced by the band in Newcastle and Sunderland with additional production duties from The Invisible’s Dave Okumu and from Field Music’s David and Peter Brewis.

The band’s frontman Paul Smith said in a statement: “Our lyrics and our music will never be too-cool-for-school – we are an emotional band even if it might be too much information for some.”

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