Video: MGMT – Your Life Is A Lie

MGMT have today premiered the video for their new single ‘Your Life Is A Lie’. It is, of course, completely insane. Check it out below.

The unsettling video is a relentless barrage of surreal images based on American life, featuring static birthday parties, a man repeatedly kicking a bucket, a crying stone, a lizard emerging from a man’s mouth and a lot more weirdness besides.

The track itself is similarly unconventional, with a disjointed melody and relentless psychedelic influences ensuring the track isn’t an easy listen.

‘Your Life Is A Lie’ is taken from MGMT’s new, self titled album, released 16 September.

MGMT首播最新单曲“Your Life Is A Lie”MV,这是一支特别特别无聊的MV……这支视频看完之后绝对会使人心神不宁,它无情的接二连三的超现实的图像基于美国生活,包括静态生日派对,一个男人不停的踢水桶,一个哭泣的石头……一只蜥蜴从一个男人的嘴里爬出来……歌曲本身也很一般……杂乱的旋律和不间断的迷幻和弦倒是能够保证这首歌不是很容易听进去。MGMT最新同名专辑将于9月16日发行。以下是这支无聊的MV完整视频:

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