MØ – No Mythologies To Follow (Deluxe Edition) (2014)

Label: RCA
Genre: Indie Pop
mp3 320Kbps 147MB
Total Time: 75:34 min

No Mythologies To Follow is the debut album from Danish pop star MØ. The twelve track CD album includes singles “Pilgrim”, “Waste Of Time” and Diplo collaboration “XXX 88”

01. Fire Rides
02. Maiden
03. Never Wanna Know
04. Red in the Grey
05. Pilgrim
06. Don’t Wanna Dance
07. Waste of Time
08. Dust Is Gone
09. XXX 88 [ft. Diplo]
10. Walk This Way
11. Slow Love
12. Glass
13. No Mythologies to Follow
14. Dummy Head
15. The Sea
16. Gone and Found
17. Fire Rides (Night Version)
18. Dust Is Gone (Night Version)
19. Slow Love (Night Version)
20. The Sea (Night Version)

Download (pan.baidu)

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